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Re: Ancient Wyrm

Heya, I believe as normal rules would dictate, if it's a single group. Whomever get's the drop has the option to keep it. However there are circimstances in which there are agreements before hand, then maybe it us applicable only to that specific boss kill. As mentioned above, the only (or main reas...

Re: chocodruid

Venus wrote:If you have to ask then no, don't bother. You need self motivation or you'll end up quitting within a week anyways.

Nice point Venus

Re: Aggy Drop Prices?

Heya, Sarcasm aside, Goldy rings would cost you your soul! Specifically for the ones that you are looking for. People barely sell these rings and braces. You have a better chance of buying the Grimoire. Possibly range from 100k - 200k (my inference), but could vary on seller. But if I do see or come...

Re: Syndicate


I have my Tab ready, 2 of them.

How does "TheHobnobbers" sound? :D

So shall we get a clan banner?


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