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Re: Duskshadow Bosses

Heya, As a Hobnobber, we are always willing to help. Please understand thou that we have to attend to something at times which prevents us at the time you would need assistance such as fighting a boss or the sorts. Should I be free, just ask and I would be more that glad to provide assistance. Ciao :D

Re: *Names Removed*


Had an encounter with *Names Removed* as well.

*Name Removed* apologized after I talked to him.

If he/they doesn't stop (involving me and/or my clannies) would need to put them on my Naughty List! :twisted:


Re: Goodbye lugh :-(

heya Silently, I've know you for quite some time but never really got a chance to talk to ya much. But I have enjoyed the short time you had ur Druid with us..... So this I say.......COME BACK......we need someone like yah! take ur much needed break and when ur rejuvenated, ur more than welcome to c...

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