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Re: TheHobnobbers


The Hobnobbers, a colorfull and crazy bunch indeed.

Apologies for not being able to post pictures, need to figure out how!

luv u all guys!


Re: I need your help please

Heya, I don't take anything personal here. Besides It being a game, I am mature enough. :lol: Thanks for your comments thou and it is well put into consideration. There might be some things unnecessary or overly used in these forums (even in this thread) but all I did was support a friend's request....

Re: I need your help please

Heya, Obviously a biased opinion....and who made someone "god" to exclude someone from an open vote like this? :twisted: There were no mention of class specific voting or level requirements to vote. Did I miss it? :roll: Unless you are here again to twist something towards your own underst...

Re: I need your help please

Heya, My two cents..... Everyone agreed with the person chosen to be DM....which makes him/her legit As Dm, he/she makes the final decision (since all agreed to him/her being the dm) DM made the decison, no objections......He/she must have done the right thing One reason we have groups or clannies, ...

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