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Re: Pi

If this were to go on for ∞ there would technically be an area defining a GIF set of me finally leveling up.

Re: Whos your best mate on Herne?

Curry30423 wrote:
Liviticus wrote:In CH? Anyone in BF really... Flicker, Snowbringer, Jackson8, and many more.
Some don't play too often anymore though... Myself included.

Pfff didnt even say my name I see how it is ):

I thought we could only pick people from our clans for some strange reason... I was half asleep apparently, lol.

Re: 4th of July!

Some may not celebrate Independence Day. What are your plans for today if so? I went to the beach before it rains heavy here. Was going downtown later to look at the fireworks display. I was going to go do some cycling but I got rained out, now my plans are just to have a slow morning and go out a ...

Re: what not to do

As said before, be yourself unless you want to put on an act for the entire duration of the relationship. If she doesn't like the real you, it isn't meant to be and there is someone else. Being yourself leaves little to no room for options, so that should sum it up pretty well :D Good luck, may your...

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