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Re: DM Role stuff

I know there was a situation yesterday that I wont elaborate on but I figured I'd take the time to try and clarify DM role and possible variables that may arise. Besides dicing items and declaring winner the DM needs to verify the rolls. I know most players keep track and help by saying the names. ...

Re: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Luk, you're delusional. Plat has absolutely nothing to do with a player's experience with the game. I ran a clan for over a year and yes, many of us platted. It helps but it doesn't make anyone a better player or automatically make them gain levels. We encouraged leveling and some people took to it...

Re: Post your stats/gear

This is with Spear.. Kinda embarrasing that I don't have a Mordy helm yet.... Still waiting on a Helm of Victory or Moon to drop lol. Switch gear a lot.. Have a Sneak's Bracelet of Dex (still better than most Mordy Braccy's). I have an Imperial Armour/Defence Braccy..the one equipped is an Imperial...

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