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Re: Lugh any good?

Rhinoking01 wrote:Hey guys made account on lugh few days ago and basalt said he would help me out so ill be on lugh once in a while I will really be on when they come out with CH for andriod because I got a new phone :(

The android version won't be appearing anytime soon :/

Re: Lugh any good?

Voldemort wrote:Yes, I often run around after high levels saying "can u giv me $1000 bcuz i ws scammed"

hahahahahah... no -.-
You level up and earn your OWWWWNN money... owwwwwwwkaaaaaaay Voldaaaaaaaay?

Re: Lugh any good?

PhantomLink wrote:Im thinking of joining lugh too
So i can stalk voldy :P

Not the best of ideas. You'll find it him stalking you than you stalking him. And he is like the real voldermort, only a younger, dumber but well educated and rare.

Re: Clan Ancient Thread

BlackFox wrote:Hey does Sydney still play? She has kindly been holding some of my gear when I couldnt play, but now I havent seen her on in a while...

They haven't been on in a while. Pretty sure when update comes Syd will return.

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