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Re: Clan Owned Gear

It doesn’t matter what the rules are, people joined the clan knowing what the rules are. If you’re not happy with the rules, then don’t join. It’s like going to a country where you don’t like the laws, break them and get confused why the country punishes you. there is often far more to a situation ...

Re: Global Tavern

Great and your system works for you and our system works for us. Really arrogant comments from you seeing as you know nothing about the clan I'm in or the environment of the clan. We also don't label them scammers. That being said this is getting off topic so I wish you the best of luck on Gwyd/Nua...

Re: Dino weapons

Morrigan got the void hammer. No other weapons exist and the stats have been changed since the beta so cant comment on them. You are correct. There are swords daggers axes wands totems and grimmores also available and yes they do compete with your gele axe. Bt loot was added to help these weapons. Y...

Re: Global Tavern

I said it a dozen times during beta and several times since, making tavern global is a complete and utter waste of time and resources on VRs part. It will be packed for the first week of release only to turn into a ghost town after. It will share the exact same fate as the global arena. The only via...


PLEASE change to 4 drops, especially since Maj was added back to loot table. @everyone who wants more drops we discussed this in beta. Loot is upgradable with 2 of the same tier so was ultimately decided the drops were fine. Majority were in agreement iirc. (Im also against adding more drops person...

Re: Griefing at Dino

Apples-Bele wrote:easiest raid in the game to grief is also available to lvl 1 alt accounts lol
if comp made 30 lvl 1 toons it works out in the dom clans favour as dino will tp those lvl 1 toons before the lvl 220 dps toons

Re: Thoughts on Endgame

Armo wrote:Not mind blowing, but a good end to the series.

But is not the end. New spiderman trailer is out and it looks as though it leads on from the fallout of endgame. Black panther and guardians of the galaxy are also set for new movies

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