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Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

I’d like repeat myself and say that I don’t speak for anyone else, just myself. That said, I am 100% human, believe it or not, and make mistakes/am not always in the right. I’m always open to criticism, though I’d appreciate it if it was done through PMs if you have something to say to me, regarding...

Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

If discussions are so valuable and locking out of control threads is destructive, then isn’t this a two way street? Instead of getting annoyed that the mods are locking the threads filled with insults, why not instead direct this towards your fellow forum dwellers who create the chaos to begin with....

Re: Clan Owned Gear

People who have quoted me and said that it’s not fair, etc, I understand.

You can leave the dom clan and sell the drops you received or whatever, just don’t expect to be treated with respect by the majority.

Re: Clan Owned Gear

It doesn’t matter what the rules are, people joined the clan knowing what the rules are.

If you’re not happy with the rules, then don’t join.

It’s like going to a country where you don’t like the laws, break them and get confused why the country punishes you.

Re: Any progress?

Hello, As per the previous thread regarding this, the last thing posted by Difinitus was: There isn't really a point in allowing this discussion go on further. Any additional updates regarding the status of Nuada and global zones will be posted by an Administrator. The discussion of banned accounts,...

Re: Double plat

In terms of the XP event, perhaps in the future if something similar happens (hopefully not), VR could remove the XP buff from all servers and reschedule to another weekend once it’s all sorted out. Regardless, whatever happened is ridiculous and I hope those responsible are dealt with accordingly, ...

Re: Would you start a new clan or join a small clan to compete with endgame clans?

Instead of making clans fight each other for bosses when there is a massive size difference, let there be a natural progression. Same way aggy is now irrelevant, there needs to be bosses implemented to make hrung and necro irrelevant, so smaller clans can kill them without competition. BT kind of do...

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