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Re: FashionEvent Sale

Rogue kk you can pm me ingame :)
Gozilla i can sell all but for a better offer :)
The black alone was 200k
The pumkins i dont sell as Set cause a friend will buy some for 5 k ;)
I decide till the end of the next week cause i wait for skitty to Come around in Forum :)
But thanks for ur interesse

FashionEvent Sale

Hey ho my happy gaming friends here is my little list of Fashion stuff i sell I hope you are all interested and make a good offer :) Mask of Lugh ( 2Orange, 3Pink) 5 Black Coven Hat 1 Red Coven Hat 1 Pink Coven Hat 2 Yule Hat Yule Helpers Hat (green, red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, turqoise) (black...

Insane Shop

Hey ho my mates here i am Insane and this is my little list of Items i sell. If you are interested in one special than pm me ingame or write down the post :) Fabel Ring of Hide Antique Ring of Flame Glass Ring of Steady Aim 5 Moon discs 1 Benediction of Crom (Buying incovernation of Crom) Black Rem ...

Finally on the Forum

Hey ho mates,
I finally done it to the Forum :) i am not THAT popular but some of you might know me :)
Its me 1Insane1 and for them who dont know me i normaly hang around in castle or at bosses :)
Just want to say hello and happy gaming :D

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