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Re: um why?

The problem is these ppl especialy ice***** made many acc to scamm so u prob had bad luck lol

Re: how is everyone?

Hey elv,
happy to see ur still out there :)
well there are still some pies and ipies but not many i think like 10 of each.
hit me up via mailbox when u come back i have some nice collector items ;)

Re: Wanted

Lol he just swore me vandetta cause i killed him :D
He didnt make the deal with my 400 frost resist helm muhahaha :D
Btw 1k to me :D

Re: The Good Ol' Days...

Morph come back we miss u!!!
The good old days when i got scammed every few minutes and with the awsome darkflame mobs!!
Finally joined taranis and was happy in Greens and later Liberate :)
But i still enjoy the now in Illum :)

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