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Re: Write a poem or rap here!

All you.. Rap about yourself, and you rap about your gold, you rap about tv's, woman and the radiOs, I aint got time to rap about those things... I rap about Christ for He is the King.

*for fun purpose no offence to any religion.

Re: Clan Aftermath

Things that i need:
2 air slates
1 fire slate
2 crown frag
1 copper coblet
2 drags (umm i think this will take awhile)

Thats all for now :) hehe thanks aftermath.

Re: What's your server like?

Lol, no offence, you can check highest leveled and strongest player in online ranking. And clan the first 2 clans are the strongest ofcourse. But people here are quite friendly except for some. Few scammers.


Are saying you really sold it to them? Lol, i dont know what to believe.

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