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Buying stuff :)

Hello LUGH,

Here are items im looking for,

Black mask of Lugh
Golden blade of ice
Heroic ammy
Cool stuff. Like really cool stuff.
PM me please if you have stuff and PM me your price.

Need advice please.

Hi Lugh, Again I have been accused of scamming. This time by a player named @$$&&$& (PM me for name) the story is (happened 2 day ago) : Dude: hi shannon Me: hey :) Dude: how do you get bloodstrike armour? Me: wardens quest Dude: can show me where is the SHOP? Me: its a quest and its in ...

Re: Lava

Agree with RogerRanger. But i wont call him a scammer until i have proof he scams

need help with pricing

Hello everyone, i need help. I just want to know how much my items worth. I kbow every server has different prices but i don't want to ask my server thread. White mask of lugh Blue coven hat White yule hat Black yule hat Yule cloud Yulestave Snowman head 2011 Santa hat 2011 (if its worth anything lo...

Re: Lava

Conduct, could you please PM me the account name? Just want to make sure i know who it is. Not accusing him of anything. And yes i agree laaavaaa is a scammmmeeerrr. Lol...

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