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Buying drags

Hey, sorry i didnt put this in my 'shop thread'..

Im buying 2 Dragon frags.... Cheap..

Pm me price...

Shannon's Shop. Buying and Selling

Hi im selling these items: Ruby spirit star Emerald spirit star Diamond soul orb Amber boar tusk Emerald crystal horn Glass ring of smoke bomb (500g) Glass ring of poison weapon (900g) Glass warding ring of assasins (1k) Fire obsidian Black earth x3 ------------------------------------------- Im buy...

Re: whats the worst scam fail someone pulled on you?

Lol i have two : Scammer: hi Me: hi Scammer: umm... Me: need help? Scammer: can i borrow your heroic ammy? Me: sorry, i dont trust anyone outside my clan Scanmer: :( sorry its my second time trying to scam. Can you teach me how to scam? Me: lolololol!!! Situation number 2: Scammer: hi shannon Me: hi...

Re: new player

Complete the main storyline quest 'the curse' and you will get the idea of this game. Kill, get gold, buy lux, and climb the online rankings :P thats my opinion :) welcome btw .

Re: Take some action otm

Actuall OTM should do a tutorial on Rules or something to new and/or existing players. Make it compulsary( spelling error, i know sorry ).. Im sure some players dont know the rules. The acc trading thing is that is writen when on loading screen is not effective. My game loads fast, so i can really r...

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