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Re: Disable interrupt thing for Druids

The(Server) wrote:I'm suggesting to make Nature Touch and Vines non-interruptible
Cmon we heal you....

I think that Vines are fine. Natures touch could use a little less chance of being interrupted, but not by much.

And before you ask, I have a level 110 druid, so I know what i'm talking about. :)

Re: Found a halloween boss

I think for 3rd anniversary/birthday CH should have a 'chaos' event, all the old bosses will spawn (randomly). You never know if you will Ymir, or WK, or the blue wolf guy. Make their locations more random too (so camping becomes hard) - including having them spawn in shalemont, dustwither, and sto...

Re: Disable interrupt thing for Druids

EVERY single one of my skills as a mage can be interrupted, even my lures. The only skills that I can think of that that cannot be interrupted are rogue's shadowstrike/quickstrike and mages ice blast. (However, if you are stunned or frozen blast can be interrupted). Not true about ss and qs. I have...

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