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Re: Found a halloween boss

eh? never killed midwinter maybe you got me confused with some other guy :lol: lucky turd or maybe i killed a different rare boss i got 2 maj skewers early january xD all in the same half hour the hawkhursts were like doing some funky business dropping 12 chests, 2 maj skewers, skewer, and stinging...

Re: Found a halloween boss

LastCall wrote:@Basalt fire titan was extremely tall. He one of the tallest bosses(not including dragons) taller was lord pumpleroot, ymir, wk, belly, the connacht boss kinda like redbane that was behind the old castle in update 2, dr, and lastly the infamous sky bear.

I know...thats what I said.

Re: Damage variation is too high!

not true. mages can be the most powerful class. evades are somewhat a problem but increase your ice or fire magic. this increases damage and chance to hit. there are so many rogues because rogues are the easiest class to level but end game mages can be very powerful. theres an abundance of warriors...

Re: Cost of mmorpg

I got to 191 in 3 months non plat. Everything is possible if you put time in Judging by your sig, I asume you are immature or people hate you. I do not believe this "191 in three months without plat" It's possible, but would take very good merching skills, dicing luck, or just insane time...

Re: Damage variation is too high!

i am a super victim of this my max reads that with attune, i can do almost 1.1k, 90% of the time, even on dummies i hit 60% or less than my max :x . 7% seems to be 61%-85% of my max and the last 3%, you can guess, is 85%-100% overall: without evades, i only do 75% of my max damage. thats bad OTM. a...

Re: Couple Questions

Candies wrote:your sharpshot is doing less damage because you have less dex. More dex, more damage.

Actually I have more dex than strength because of stat adds. It is simply not a great skill xD

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