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Re: Funny puns here

I was going to tell a joke about the bass, but lets just drop it. Did you hear about the person who invented the door knocker? He won the No-bell prize. I couldn't work out how to fasten my seat belt. Then it clicked. Did you hear about the guy who tried to write with a broken pencil? It was a point...

Re: The biggest spammers

I'm seriously kidding. I'm actually glad they got rid of bullhorns. But that's just goes to show how far they would go selling items that do mundane things. They can't sell backpack and bank expansions as much as they want so they put them in chests so people will buy them indirectly. If you have a...

Re: The biggest spammers

Maybe they will sell a 'Anti-Spam Elixir' which turns off game chat spam for 15 minutes. If you have the anti-spam lix on, and you want to see chat, then you use the 'show spam elixir' to override and disable it and return your chat to normal. Ok, at first I thought you were kidding. Now I am begin...

Re: Reset

Arjunlite wrote:Cut them some slack folks. Calm down, its okay to make mistakes. They had good intentions. No need to come on here and rant about it. You feel good about urself now?
Just get over it, if you dont like the game, dont play it. Simple as that.


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