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Any insight to the economy of Balor?
Whats the gold to plat ratio?

Re: Logging on

pigman wrote:
PhantomLink wrote:Ipod 4th

Odds are you need a new device, even if otm try to make the game playable on 4th gen ipod it wont be for long as apple has stopped supporting that device a long time ago

I feared that much. Well ill try saving up but i just feel like im missing out. Thanks man

Logging on

This mainly goes out to all you ios users A while back the new platform was introduced, and with it many players were unable to log in without their apps restarting at the log page. I am one of those users. Phantomlink from sulis. I've tried everthing, downloading the app again, different wifi, eras...

Re: Introduce yourself

Hey everyone! I'm phantom
I used to be on IOS but thanks to the new platform I cant log in anymore without the app restarting. So now Im on andriod! Same name and all. Hope to see you all around!

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