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Are android servers back up? I was able to log in like for 2 mins but then got kicked out. They did say something about a little gift in the offers menu though ;)

Re: Clans

Well what a relief. I come from a server with war war war war and more war.
Awesome server btw, everyone is just so nice


Any clan history i should know about baylor? (allies, enemies, level requirements, toughest, most active, agenda)
Might start looking into joining a clan pretty soon.

Re: Economy

Kinda what im looking for. Thanks for the info yall.
I was just wondering if there was a fixed price on how much gold you give per plat.
In sulis it used to be 200g per plat. But now Idk what theyre using its all mixed up.

Re: Logging on

Sergio wrote:Yeah the original device I used was ipod 4th gen and it wont work anymore sorry man :( had to get a new phone

Actually i was able to lognon successfully once even if it was just for five mins. Maybe theres still hope

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