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Re: Does Vines Damage Stack?

Hey Gauz!!

What's up Babe, thanks for replying. I figured that was the case after 10 tries. Oh well what can a girl do!! I was hoping for 2 or 3 ticks of double damage right before the first vines expired.

See you tonight.

Does Vines Damage Stack?

I have been casting Vines multiple times on Black Guards and Errants of Doom and I am not seeing the damage stacking, it still hits for 30-36. I am lvl 36 with vines and natural magic maxed. I also have a Ranger with Bolas maxed and not seeing DOT damage stacking. Anyone know if this was by design o...

Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

I prefer gameplay over graphics. I do this CH needs some graphic updates but not in lieu of gameplay, like quests, game length. I would rather play for weeks with lower quality graphics than have great graphics but complete the game in like 1-2 days. I do agree that the animation could be better but...

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