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Re: Ranger Tank

My mage was logged in at the time, Belgaron. Witnessed the whole show, it was freakin awesome. I didn't think anyone could solo a boss, but after seeing Raven do it, made me want to start a ranger and max Bolas. Avatar was moving soooo slow. I kept the room cleared for Raven so he could focus on the...

Re: BLOCKED!! >:(

Nothing you can really do about it. Since you're going through the schools wireless network they control the firewall and which sites are allowable or blocked. The only way around is to get a secure connection through a 3G network, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. If you are close enough to another b...

Re: Beta Pictures

Please either lower the prices or increase the gold drop from mobs!! As of now getting 50k for the Golden Helm is a hugh grind when I am only getting 12 gold off Shiverlords, Fireknight and the rare diamond or emerald drops. I know that player trading was the focus for getting gold but to get the go...

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