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Re: The Future of Celtic Heroes

Here are my suggestions 1. I would like to see more storylines and subquests. There is a whole mythology with the celts that could be built into the game. Use celt lore to build out quests to meet gods, be sent on errands to obtain items, defend english, roman, french invaders, etc. 2. Clan communci...

Re: Its been a week.

Just a little bit. The update will come when it comes. In the meantime, I will go online, level, help out newer players and have fun with my clan. Keep killing Avatar, Kaira, Syrus and Mal until the time comes to move on to Stonevale.

Re: Its been a week.

I was making a joke. I agree with PaddyW. I have been wandering Liars Reach, helping out new players leveling by either healing or buffing cloak of fire on them. When Arawn is empty I travel into the tombs and kill Shiverlords, Fireknights and Black Ravs. I have all the time in the world to wait and...

Re: Joke

World War I An Italian and Russian general are watching a battle of their combined army versus the germans. The Russian general realizes they are losing and says to the Italian general "We need to go down and lead our army to victory!!" The russian general turns to his assitant and says &q...

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