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Re: Making life hard for druids

Sorry for interrupting your amazing dream. But if you get agro from the monster and pull it away, afk players WILL NOT follow. I tried it before on myself and another account created by myself. I didn't drag 'myself' over to boss spawn, instead I died immediately. This strategy won't work. :?

Re: Lol at hoax

Go to YouTube and search any video. Then see the comments . There are many writings about ' if you don't post' something will happen to you. There is one known as this: ( I didnt mean to scare you if you don't want to hear about this please don't read.) A boy called Link was killed by a kitchen knif...

Re: Joke

A man bought a donkey from a seller. Seller: Alright, when you say 'Thank God,' the donkey will run. When you say ' Praise Jesus' the donkey will stop. Man : ok The man tried out his donkey and said 'Thank God!' the donkey ran at lightening speed and the man immediately said ' Praise Jesus!' the don...


Just a little joke to brighten your day:

Daughter: IPhone
Mum: IPad
Dad: IPay
Any of you who has anymore jokes can put it here!

Re: Its been a week.

Oh I see your really impatient and thanks for those meanings. :? Anyway I have asked admin the same question. Beta testing takes one week, approval by Apple takes one week. So in the end the end you have to wait half a month. Yes I was depressed to hear that too

Re: Polling Bosses

Lir's Reach

Juntun Warbringer- 21 votes

Crook back hollow

King Grotspew Crookback- 19 votes
Gristle rich the shaman- 10 votes
Rot bleach the chef- 3 votes

Dustwither Catacombs

Syrus-34 votes
Incarnation of donn- 32 votes
Avatar of donn-27 votes
Disiple Ducrious- 15 votes

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