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A goodbye letter to all

Hello guys, it had been great playing this game to kill the time. But on the other hand, this game is getting more and more boring, exp rate gone down, drop rate gone down, prices of items gone up, basically can't kill anything without a Druid. I guess I maybe leaving this game, for I can find the p...

Druid boss strategy

I have been working on a list of mobs and it takes sometime to finish. However,I have found a way on how to kill Mr bloodblind. Strategy: Have two or more tanks that are about lvl 82. You can have three is they are above 75. Have 2 or more druids and as much damage dealers as you want. Start with on...

Re: Scammer expirement

Ah yes! I have been doing the same experiment too. This is how it works, I have five accounts one which is unknown. I place that account in a particular place. When I see a scammer, I ask them to help me transfer my stuff, when trading and talking, I snap pictures. Then I log of and get back to my o...

Re: Leaderboards

Hey guys it's possible! These players probably bought some really platanium then spend 4000 on 500,000 gold and repeated it 6 times. If Steve Jobs were to play this game, he would have 310k gold!

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