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Capes should be added to the game there should be health and mana capes running capes
There should also be capes for different classes Like warrior and ranger capes ect. Capes should give bonuses depending what type of cape it is like health cape can regenerate life faster

What happened to rosmerta

Rosemerta used to be a full wrold I went on it thinking since it's first on the list it may be populated Overtime Rosemerta grew old no 1 online and bunch of gold farmers. I thought ppl were just board since no Update but on my other acc in sullis there was a bunch of ppl Id hate start a new acc on ...

Monsters Abilities

First off most of the monsters can out run me. It would be better if Norse giants some goblins some skeletons and some zombies ran slower than u. Also all the monsters seem to only be using meele. Some like the kaira I thing should be able to use magic and some outlaws use range ect btw any idea whe...

Items kept on death

I have been wondering if items should not be kept on death pro: u do not have to rebuy items, u dont have to remake all that money, cons: players that sell to other players wouldn't be able to make much money because they already have their stuff, it might decrease the amount of auto trainers Aka bo...

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