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Low level Melee builds

As a low lvl druid would you consider a melee build rather than a caster build. Seeing as that Druids have energy problems without lux or sigs wouldn't a melee build be more efficient then a spell build (Vines/Lightning) at low levels? Im talking (1-100) or even past that

Re: Ancient now recruiting

MadOnion wrote:Good luck

You better have a lot of fuel because going through bosses lower then 170 won't be a problem after your clan will "need" mords then the pressure on the chief will steam up and start burning you out

Just a game

Im here for u though :P

Re: Death Penalty

Do you know what prisons are like? They are in pretty poor condition, Especially private prisons that are not regulated by the government (crazy stuff happens in there rape, abuse, etc) The USA is running a fairly large deficit leading to worse and worse prisons. It comes down to spending. IMO if it...

Re: Ferguson

Do we know what know what happened... Not really Is their racial tension in the USA...Yes... If you think their isn't then maybe you should get out more or at least pick up a history book (not from texas) Is the police being militarized... Yes http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2013/04/did-the-military...

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