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Re: My first Druid.

If you dont have lux i find having meditate at 15 is pretty helpfull around lvl 60
I dont really use bark its at 1 for me but im not an expert

Re: Obtain horses from bounties and or more as creatures

Just to clear it up everyone, The Beacons of Destiny are a (very pretty) consumable, cosmetic item only. A little bit like the Balloons from many events ago. then must be a bug :o cuz i'm not making this up http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/nickfanon/images/f/f2/Liar_liar_plants_for_hire.gif/revi...

Re: Back to School

well i have some bad news, i already injured myself. yay for shin splints *sigh* I am running XC to but my school doesn't start for like a week (day after labor day) better hit your shins with those Ice Shards School is boring and im already behind on my summer assignments im suppose to be writing ...

Low level Melee builds

As a low lvl druid would you consider a melee build rather than a caster build. Seeing as that Druids have energy problems without lux or sigs wouldn't a melee build be more efficient then a spell build (Vines/Lightning) at low levels? Im talking (1-100) or even past that

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