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Re: Cost of the average raid

I feel like the money that goes into raid bosses could be better used to gear people with store gear :P store gear? how about raid bosses actually drop gear that people would use? From what I have read a lot of the raid boss gear is poopy and stored away in banks where they are never seen again. Wh...

Re: Hello

PartyNinja wrote:
Lidon wrote:too many lazy bums that want gear for no work.

isnt that how it works? :lol:

This game isn't for the cheap or lazy

Re: Why do you like this game?

Celtic heroes appealed to me in 4 main ways. Here are them in order: 4. the leveling system is engaging and fun 3. the mythology is awesome(though not wonderfully accurate). Speaking as someone who loves celtic and norse mythology it is fun with its own game twist. 2. the social part of the game is...

Re: Season 6 The Walking Dead

Excited on tomorrow especially to see how Morgan acts. I'm rooting on Sasha going (sorry folks) Her mental breakdown got on my last nerve. I'm team Carol since the cookie or tied to tree comment. Lol I have a feeling that Morgan will try to kill Rick in this season at some point but will die near t...

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