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Re: Most active server

Taranis has the most density of endgame players of all servers. It has 4 clans all capable of killing everything up to proto, one clan even kills gele, also two of the other clans used to hold merges gele kills. Sadly not many new players are seen on taranis. Was planning on joining but barely got ...

Re: We want you! Make Offhands Great Again! -Toothpick 2016

Are you sure about that? I've been killing quite a few snorri's, but I still need 3 more red crowns because red crowns neevvverrr want to drop. Main issue about dl/edl offhands is trying to get the damn crowns Or maybe because you neevvverrr kill snorri We do when you guys arnt looking ;) Place hol...

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