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Starting an alt

Just thought about starting an alt here since it’s probably the only world I haven’t tried out yet. Who knows I might even reach endgame here or somewhere along the line come close to it. Any advice about Morrigan? :3

Re: Thoughts on MMOs??

oopsies wrong thing, i meant the new zones and bosses LOL. Still food of the gods better be good or it will be just another boss to camp and grind for 3 years. Lets hope that it doesn’t turn out to be like fishing that’s just content with even more tokens. Like honestly whole token system is what r...

Re: Underrated

without competition a server is boring, you need a reason to log to camp bosses... It only becomes a problem when a clan takes it too far and starts griefing after lock. strategizing before lock is one thing but once someone locks need to back off. From my experiences on herne so far everything see...

Re: Remember when...

Remember that glitch that would get u 20k Thhhhis one? http://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/58783-celtic-heroes-iphone-cheats#/slide/1 Tried it sooo many times as a noob... was the ultimate troll :lol: YES THAT ONE I LITERALLY SPENT WEEKS TRYING IT UNTIL I GAVE UP ;_; Nub even though I did it to ._.

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