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Joining crom!

Hey guys. I have seen your answers from my last post on crom so I have chosen to join crom! :)

Which class should I make?? (Just wondering)

Cya guys soon :)


Hey guys. I'm trying to get my hands on fire storm (spell) and a super Combination elixir, if your selling one or knows anyone thats selling one of them please let me know. Thank you


Hello fellow mages. I need some tips or advice. Which blade should I buy when I come to the right level or should I even buy a blade? Next. I know you mostly upgrade your focus a lot in the stats but which should I upgrade my str and dex to. Last one. What's the best skill for me to use and not the ...

Crom any good?

Hey guys . I was wondering of joining crom? But I need to know is it worth it. Is their good people?, a good price for upgrades or items? And good clans??

Ranger tips and help

Hey guys I have made a rogue before but not a ranger. I need some tips and some help of which stats I should upgrade the most and which skills should I use the most/upgrade

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