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Hey guys and girls ;)

how much? Does the spell firestorm go for?. Cuz I'm buying one so if you have one just pm me thanks :D :) ;) :shock: 8-)

Leaving herne...

Some of you guys noticed that I barely play anymore because some reasons and stuff anyway I left herne and joined a new world I'm staying on that world till I get back... :| :cry:

Black hat sell for?

Hello everyone. I have a question to ask you guys about the black yuletide hat. How much? Does it go for when selling it cuz I'm selling mine. I'm on crom and if your Interested just look for me :D


Hey guys. Loving crom so far :) really nice people only been playing for an hour. Anyway some people are asking if I'm severmod. And NO I am not him I never scammed in my life and never will. So just letting you guys know :D

Re: Joining crom!

Alphachicken wrote:
spacemod wrote:Thx guys :D I will probably make a druid or a rogue. I will join tonight :)

Tell me when you make it. I will come gear you up. What will your name be?

My name will be spacemod lol :) and I will be a rogue :)

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