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Re: Susanapg

Hey there, welcome to Celtic Heroes!

As far as I'm aware, none of the servers have better connection speeds than any of the other ones. I also don't know if which servers might have more/less Spaniards.

Good luck!

Re: About the event

Dragon spawn event is that for the dragon legacy bosses only or for all legacy bosses because I really want a Ursa bracelet for fishing lol The bears that drop Ursa bracelets are not Legacy bosses, they wouldn't be affected by any legacy boss event. That being said, I would assume that the dragon l...

Re: Add the missing dragon

It would definitely be rather interesting to see clans tackle Dino while dealing with other legacy bosses at the same time. Does this mean dino isn't a dragon? :( How would you feel if someone told you you weren't human. >.< I’d have to tell the truth and admit that I’m actually an elf. We already k...

Re: Bujet Mage leveling build

Aside from E shield, is everyone referring to an actual shield ? If so what / where is it There are various luxury shields that any class can equip. Some mages prefer to use a luxury shield instead of a focus boosting offhand, trading the damage/energy boost for the better survivability that comes ...

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