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Re: I can't.

PrinceLelouch wrote:Insane...
i see these players in all server.
High lvl players are insane.


I think you have it backwards, Insane is a high level player :?

Not all high level players are insane - just most of them.

Re: Platinum was taken from me. Please bring it back!

Calm down buddy. If you contact Support, they should be able to tell you if it was used to purchase something - and if so, what was purchased. I have never heard of anyone having an issue with platinum randomly vanishing, so I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical reason behind it. Just to be sure - yo...

Re: Apostate braces

Should be something like a 6th drop you can randomly get from the Gele loot table instead of a random spawn mob in Alchemical. That way the difficulty to kill would at least match the value of the brace. Like how you used to be able to get Spyrestone braces from EDL bosses An even better option (im...

Re: Apostate braces

The difference is the pure 0 reward. Farming gele might not drop 1738 godly ingenuity braces, but it'll drop mighty-imp ones too, gele weapons, drops for dg, and obviously many other useful things. Farming levels gives power and skills and more damage, there's reward, you can eat 100 donuts if you ...

Re: Apostate braces

If it's the strongest gear in the game, it better be nearly impossible to get. The "bad for people's health" argument is pretty weak. Doing anything in excess is bad for you, it's up to the person themselves to use common sense to moderate their actions. Leveling to endgame can be bad for...

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