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So, everyone else has been making posts about buying stuff, so I decided to join the crew... I'm looking to buy: Royal ring of lure of assasins Royal ring of fire attunement Blue sunbound leggings, gloves or boots (I have purple sunbound leggings and gloves which I'm not selling, but would be willin...

Re: Two summer events?

Eliminater wrote:A new event with new chests, these no mount chests are such a letdown.

I think OTM got you all expecting better and better stuff in each chest series lol. They are in no way obligated to return mounts to chests. This way, prices actually go down for those of us who like collecting charms lol.

Re: Two summer events?

Because the double plat event (which is Celtic Heroes anniversary) has already happened, I'll guess that this will be the only event during the summer.

However, the new engine is almost definitely coming out during this event, so keep an eye on the forums!

Re: What in the...?

I played the mailbox a jolly melody once._. You can do that on most NPCs too, its fun watching the wardens dance :lol: . Also, ive found that certain skills can be casted on NPCs as well, camouflage being the first to come to mind, its really fun running through the castle camoing everyone NPC or p...

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