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Re: Harder leveling?

i dunno about the lvling, but it seems to be pretty established that there is diminishing gains in all stat categories. meaning, the more points in a single category, the less you get in return for those points. i think the real noticable breakoff point is around 300.

Re: Scamming on taranis

Okay, Time to rant. I have been getting a lot of sh*t from people lately about this whole incident. I have been inactive for over a week, rarely coming on. I logged in today to see the clan I'm in nearly empty and people shouting at me calling me a scammer. There is ZERO proof that I was on that re...

Re: Question about sigils

I have 200 energy sigils, and while i don't solo anything other than the arena boss (crammok), i do run out of energy during that fight. To regain, i just run arund in a circle with him chasing me, making sure to stay in range so he doesn't reset. Tis probably won't work well most other areas becaus...

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

3k+ snowballs and no hat or cloud lol. All the people on taranis i've asked said they got theirs in under 500 snowballs...kinda lame. I don't mind grinding for hours, but it sucks not having anything but 35 frozen iceballs to show for the effort.

Re: New Druid Skills

A multi target HoT would be nice to have for boss fights. A weaker version of embrace, possibly tied into the shapeshift idea i.e. the spell is only avsilable in tree form. I also think if a shapeshift ability is added it should be a temporary buff you can pop to increase speed of heals/give you one...

Re: Hat quest

250 presents in, so far I have 2 blues and one pink! The rest are all commons. I prefer collecting my own hats to buying, so between this and killing clouds I stay quite busy in lirs!


I'm 800+ snowballs in without a drop, but it's still fun and I have found that I have an uncontrollable urge to kill clouds!

Hoping to get a hat or yule cloud soon :)

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