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Re: I'm back

LeGenDzZ wrote:I remember blackhand/whitehand, poor guy fell for a trust trade scheme orchestrated by none other than Camouflage/perception, who quit on those toons and levelled a bought acc.

wb! Give your brother my regards haha

Re: 2016 goals

Heroskill wrote:
Rogue216 wrote:With this title I feel the urge to quote someone's resolution and be like omg that's just goals! #2016goals
why would you wanna quote someone talking about pixels? Kappa

I meant the real life ones lol . Im referring to how ppl now say things like omg relationship goals, or omg family goals

Re: I could use some advice

I would say, get about 3000 health, dagger of slaying or dagger of bounty for regens and damage, then split your rest points in strenght and dex. If you solo build, max Riposte, Lifesteal, Shadowstrike and Quickstrike, and the rest in Fast Reflex ( I honestly max all those skills and put the rest i...

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