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Re: A discussion about religion

hitler was a deist, and most germans at the time were religious all of hitlers beliefs and opinions were corrupted due to the perversion of his personal morality so they are all irrelevant. I have never understood why people themselves and what they do is used to argue belief. For example "Cat...

Re: A discussion about religion

Everyone here should go read: Meer Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Then come back. P.S. To the 14 year old a few pages back that tried to argue that light didn't exist just like darkness and then said "What is light?" Dude.. seriously? Man the school system sucks now. P.S.S. I wanted to say I'...

Re: Advice for a noob

Hi, Thanks for that info! I am not new to MMOs so understand the questing systems however I've not played any MMO where the quests don't tell you their rewards. I also noticed that I can not abandon any quests so now I am stuck with this long list of quests most of which are probably unimportant now...

Re: Advice for a noob

In my OP I expressed the quest lines being one of the problems. The quests provide no info on themselves. I really don't want to spend hours and hours on quests only to go half a level because the ones I have are so low level. I have many quests. I have no idea which ones to pursue. Why don't the qu...

Advice for a noob

So I'm level 23 and I have no idea what to do in this game. There doesn't seem to be any direction. I don't even know what quests to pursue as there is nothing to denote xp or level.

Any advice would be helpful.

Re: update for iphone5

there are many apps now that support both screen sizes including other games like this one. is that just not feasible here? If it's possible to support both iPhone 5 fullscreen and older devices like iPod 2g and iPhone 3g then we will definitely do so. Can you give an example of an app that does su...

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