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Account issues

Hey, i am an older player and i wanted to come back on to see the new graphics and event stuff. I downloaded the game signed in and chose my character but in between me getting into the game the game always crashes. I have tried restarting my device and deleting and reinstalling the app any ideas as...

Re: Belenus

If i had to go back to the world selection screen i would take Belenus out of them all a million times out of a million, Belenus is without a shadow of a doubt the best server, i can say that without playing in any other server. Choosing Belenus around 2 years ago was probably one of the best decis...

Re: Woooooooo

Guyz for real lets organize some thing like that. With prizes and all. Like split 2 teams if 5 ppl. Each player puts 500 gold and give all to each team captain. Next. U play the best out of 3. When u search u got 20min and u restric the world u may come in and no moving! U need to put print screen ...

Re: Woooooooo

Ronsos14 wrote:Aaaaaa at last some 1 talk !
I'm new and damm boring.
Era do some thing in game competition .

Lets organize a hide and seek game it's damm awesome.

Winner gets prizes
yeah!! Hide and seek!

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