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Re: impersonators

KiyKiy wrote:
Beast25 wrote:oh yeah I saw someone made another Druid named aIIeviate,I have no clue who that is though. :P

He's the worst of them... scamming everyone of all levels :)

He must hate you then :)

Re: impersonators

fionn, there are a few people claiming to be me, so you might want to put me on that list. also watch out for people who randomly 'claim' to be a high level main. if someone asks you for something and then says 'dont worry im alishia i'll return it', ALWAYS demand they log into who they say they ar...

Re: Personal opinion

I don't really understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that you don't want people to kill each other in the arena? That there fun can come from killing the gladiators? Cause that sounds really stupid.

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