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Re: to the beta warriors

A shield ability would be nice. That'd be great. The higher your ability, the more armour/resist/def you have, and the more damage bash does. I disagree. Also how would you train it? Because if it is everytime something hits you it would be to easy to lvl up. Think going to shale or cata and having...

Re: One locked topic....

KiyKiy wrote:I'm not entirely sure what "df r u" is, but I can only assume (in normal person's english) it means 'who are you?'
You know THEASIAN, he's the level 100ish rogue that could probably beat your puny 150 ass in a duel.
Well they are both bad so we can call it a tie

Re: Beta testers

KiyKiy wrote:I just applied now that the applications have re-opened :)
It would be really good to see what OTM have put so much time and love into, I'd love to help them make it the best it could possibly be.
me too hopefully not very many people sign up so we have a good chance :)

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