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Re: 200 gear

For level 200 gear Ammy: Runic Charm: Skain/gara (Stormleaf for skain if possible and bladeleaf for gara) Braces: Ideally you'd be running two mighty prot braces both either str/dex/attack or str/vit/attack but dmg/attack hippo braces are a nice backup. Can CD swap necro braces if you really want Ri...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

If you put in work for the clan, you deserve drops to call your own. Dom clans will usually try to say something along the lines of the bosses were killed by the group, not you. You are part of the group though, and you likely did the same amount of work as any other person at the fights you attend...

Re: Global Tavern

Lol Its exactly like Lucerin says. Although its not really enforceable and if you are leaving you aren't gonna do the right thing anyways. No one is brainwashed...at least in the clan I'm in its agreed upon before joining the clan. Yes you put in the work but so does every other member in the clan....

Re: Global Tavern

Clan owned may be a little misnomer. Clan obtained. Most wont let you sell clan obtained gear. If it’s worth being in that clan, then you don’t sell or risk.. not being in that clan. You could leave and sell, but chances are you will never make it back in that clan again. It’s the agreement you mak...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

ryandragon wrote:Does anyone have details of Salveroot's ability?

I believe it boosts elemental resists for people around you...making it pretty useless imo. Might be cool for a druid to carry or something.

Re: Global Tavern

Tax won't matter to scammers and people that run off with clan owned gear. It's free $ for them There's no such thing as clan owned gear. That's just dom clan logic and lip service members give amd don't actually believe. Y'know aside from a few die hards. Distribution establishes ownership. Otherw...

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