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Re: Hey From Arawn :)

brian777 wrote:
Carebearpoo wrote:Why do you have a diamond bow for a rogue..

That pic was taken on his Rose toon introvert which is a rogue not his arwan too

Hes a rogue on both

Re: Music for leveling

iflingpoo wrote:I prefer some soulfly or system of a down. Poopoo 5finger deathpunch is take wannabe metal listen to some real metal bud lol

Wannabe and real are both opinion words here. You like what you like and ill like what i like.

Re: These and that

Codelle wrote:Your quote at 28 seconds "These two guys are in the same clan as me, its kind of clan killing, but I don't care"

This, Sed, is one of the reasons why I left Merc.

Dark and trooper are both crack babies anyway. You're better off without them.

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