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Re: Petition for

That is so baseless. It's like sayin we can kill necro in 15m with all rogues having ss n life steal in build as well as saying all mages go ice build on raid bosses. Both can be accomplished at this point in game, but it's not the best way is it? Al I'm saying is assassinate is TRASH as a dps skil...

Re: Problem with energy

MortalCreed wrote:This is actually a major issue rogues use far too much energy for a class that is auto based. I have 4900 energy and on a heroic energy lix I still get to the bottom of my energy bar. Rogue skills should use 30% less energy.


Re: Problem with energy

Get a regen ammy? I mean you know the exact reason for your problem, you even stated it, and yet you're asking for help. Here I'll help you solve your problem. There are a few ways to get energy: Sigils Pots Elixirs Equip/natural regen Mage support Die Pick some LET me rephrase I need to get rid of...

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