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Re: Throw me some ideas

IssartriTheRanger wrote:Uuuhhh
Maybe some boss videos?
You could have a drunken party at tavern?
You could talk about how awesome zyz is
Tons of stuff!

Wanted make a Moocow Anthem video but that Zyz guy says "Go level" :lol:

Re: Quotes by some forumers ;)

Muldar wrote:
Deezy wrote:She got a big booty so I called her big booty - Muldar

Ah, I see you picked up my new album - Muldar Raps Vol 2 ;)

I just recently got Life Stealer by Deezy ;)

Gonna be dropping a collaboration album with a homie. We taking over the game :lol:

Re: Just a few questions

Curry30423 wrote:Nu u nub._.

Btw, zyzuw blesses us from beyond the game when he's logged out so yeh

Not anymore

Some nub called Curry keeps spamming him over Line and distracts his power because he too busy thinking "God damn curry shut the fahk up"

So need moar druids

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