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Re: Let's vote on alts

Maybe was a bad example.....i just happen to have both those classes as well......i just feel its best to air out the problem beforehand or it gets to be an issue later. I dont usually dual device anymore because i know i cannot play both with 100 percent effiency. Just want to prevent a future prob...

Re: Let's vote on alts

So...to clarify....if u bring a rogue and druid and druid is only of that class to fight....and u win rogue drop...all roll for druid drop. One player should not get two drops. This was original problem, so we should make it clear:)

Re: charging for services?

Wow....interesting topic. For me, I've healed outside of grp many times and never charge for my so called "services" lol. That's great if it works on other servers, but personally i dont mind helping someone level if im not busy:)



I hope otm can do something about this kind of harrassment.....he does this to me and many others. It's really getting out of hand. If i could file charges i would!


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