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Re: Lugh's ARENA Decorum

I for one hope otm is reading this and will take into consideration the spawn time for Killlain is ridiculous! I hate going into there with even one toon let alone my support druid. I've waited with my rogue for 2 hours multiple times. I've seen Ragnor spawn several times and see people go in and ou...

Re: Fake of WhiteskullD

I think you're being a bit harsh Venus.....I wouldn't say someone is not bright and deserves to be scammed or tricked. It's helpful to know of the people who may be scamming others of their items so it may prevent it in the future. Many players want to be helpful and not realize what is happening. W...

Re: Dicing concerns

I actually think its a good idea. In my opinion dicing is random. But if dm rolls, and this determines high or low dice as winners, it should stop people from accusations of cheating by so-called spiking of dice. It wouldn't take up much more time to do this.


Re: Necro Battle plan

Misunderstandings happen, but when i read it....it was a "draft" meaning....not holy, not permanent by any means. It's just an example of people thats all. I'm only saying because im totally guilty of misunderstanding what someone means through these posts. It wasn't meant to leave anyone ...

Re: Necro Battle plan

Elle, kam created a general list and then was asked to make it more specific by adding people into those groupings. It's just to give everyone an idea as to what is needed per group. He didnt intend on leaving anyone out. If luk is there, of course he will be added to a group. If you qualify for the...

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