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Re: My elder (essence) blade build

Out of curiosity, and not to Devon-rail the thread, but is the skill nerfed in pvp? Also, does the skill have a casting time? It would be a neat worst-case-scenario skill if it was instant :3 It is not nerfed in pvp at all. Cast time is instant, which is why i suggest to save it for dire situations.

Re: My essence blade build

I definitely would have. The Invocation of Life skill is nothing, really. It's a 1k heal every 3minutes... Whoop de doo. I bought an essence and life blade because i knew that they were going to be removed, but I was always planning on buying them because of the regen and the stat boosts. Honestly, ...

Re: My essence blade build

Ok sorry let me reiterate a few things. This build does not NEED an essence blade. The elder blade (450k?) is the exact same except for the invocation of life skills which is not needed. The point of this build is survivability and cost effectiveness. I used this build for bosses for a while and was...

Re: Haste dagger

PERSONALLY i prefer the axe, but here. Decide for yourself. Haste dagger Pros: - Do not need as many points in dex - no need for haste ring/gloves - adds effectiveness to dex-based skills (support skills and shadowstrike) - added skill which gives you a nice attack boost, not sure on duration or coo...

My elder (essence) blade build

For those who want too have a look at it, this is what I have been pming people. PM 1: "Hiya, lovely to meet you I'll tell you what i did at 150 onwards for training, it worked well for me up until 186 when i stopped lixing. My armour transitioned from frozen > 'ancient' beastbone > DL But i us...

Re: Essence Blade Build

I'm really glad the OP is enjoying his offhand because of advice I, a lvl 190+ rogue, gave him. Don't assume we're all strength-guzzling damage nazis. Some of us like to try different things. No one cares what ****** level you are. Level does no justify the experience you've had with them. For all ...

Re: Question

There's really only two people from Belenus who frequent these forums, and I personally have no interest in becoming any sort of forum mod or guide.

Re: All the luck on belenus

My favorite what the eff drop moment is still the Godly Bandage Wounds Bracer. A guy named jair uses it // he has highest warrior heal at 1k+ He doesnt "use" it in the traditional sense. He would be gimping himself if he has it equipped all the time. It's only majestic I think asian. Jair...

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