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Re: "Big Three"

What sad is belenus has one of top ranked clan but can kill necro. I think their plan sucks... Just a guess. Also I dont think they gave right dl pieces out. Lol you don't know anything about what we do. We are but a small server in terms of population and we got very close to killing him a few day...

Re: New project

If you're staying true to your concept, you should be more worried with which cata weapons are worth farming for. The answer is cruel knife.

Re: Post your stats/gear

I very much enjoy it. I pride myself on being incredibly versatile and i have all sorts of gear for switching in and out of battle to be as efficient as I can be. For all you typical rogues out there, my play-style will always be a mystery. I do what I love and so should everybody else. -- "All...

Re: Post your stats/gear

Are you really giving up dl dagger and rondel for dark halberg and axe offhand? Or is it just for higher damage stats purpose? Although I know the dps is lower, I use my halberd over DL dagger because I enjoy the play-style better; more interactive combat. The axe complements spears moreso than the...

Re: Post your stats/gear

Garanak finally dropped my bloodthorn amulet, so here are my new and improved stats.
Helm is dark of victory
Halberd is darkfire of dex
Braces are royal dmg/armour, imperial energy/armour

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