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Re: 'Raids' expect too much

I simply still don't understand why they would take a perfectly functional section of the game that people were happily playing for months and months and months and then go and change it so very few people can do it anymore. Surely if mordris was always like this it would be different but it's not f...

Re: Aeon kills Necro

Great job guys. If we could ever get anything remotely close to 50 people online at once I would be over the moon.

Keep it up (y)

Edit: kimloc this was such a lovely congratulatory post, why ruin it? :cry:

Re: WTB White Shining Diadem

Pierced wrote:not worth it. those are ugly hats imo.

Since when have people needed permission from others to buy something? If he's willing to pay a price for an item he wants then let him. Don't be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Nobody likes marcus.

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