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Re: Defense - Better dodging chances, but anything else?

Sorry this might sound a bit patronising (it is not supposed to at all), but Dex also boosts your attack, meaning your chance to succesfully land a hit. (I'm not sure if you're a new player starting off and learning the ways of the game, or an existing player that knows a lot about the game.. there...

Re: HELPCan anybody tell me what does the yellow bar means ?

You will notice that the red XP bar is broken up into small bar segments.
The yellow bar represents the current XP bar segment you are in.

In other words, it shows you a more detailed (zoomed in) view of the current XP bar segment, so you know how much more XP you need to fill that bar segment.

Defense - Better dodging chances, but anything else?

I know that raising your dexterity raises your defense stat. I am also aware that raising your defense increases your chances of dodging enemy attacks. My question is: Does a higher defense stat also affect your chances of getting parries and misses from enemy attacks? If not, what affects these cha...

Re: Poison better than sneaky?

put the points into sneaky first, every qs you cast, you lose an auto attack(i do using haste gloves and frozen dagger anyways) so until i get my hands on a grand royal or dragon qs ring i feel that poison is offering better dps than qs at a lower level it is debatable, i also am not so familiar wi...

Re: Items with pierce dmg

pierce slash and crush items multiply with your strength That's helpful, thank you. Do you happen to know how the pierce strength stacking/bonus is calculated exactly? When comparing the affects of different pierce items I have, the formula that would explain the resulting affects is not clear. Tha...

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